Tank storage services

JSF Logistics B.V. Taking oil products for storage, we ensure the safety quality of the product. Having entrusted the storage of our company’s petroleum products, you get: a wide range of individual fuel storage tanks; no mixing of different types of petroleum products due to fuel supply through separate pipelines; preserving the quality of your products; operational release of petroleum products.

The structure of our park includes tanks with a total volume of 100 000 m3. We provide acceptance and delivery of products.

Each tank is equipped with equipment in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety and has a system of commercial accounting, allowing remote monitoring of the state of oil products in tanks (product volume, filling height, density, free volume, overflow sensor).

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Tanker and Cargo Shipment

JSF Logistics B.V has specialized services that are concentrated in the area of import and export, located throughout the world demanded business trade and logistics distribution industry. These services are designed to support and promote the international trade business of crude oil and petroleum/petrochemical products worldwide, in compliance with all rules and formalities required by law.

 They operate mainly function and offering land, air, and sea freight services at a very competitive transit time; as well as, buyer, wholesaler, agent or representative of international and domestic companies; always carry out the logistic distribution, trade needs, serving and compliance with supply, process control, maintaining a high level of confidentiality, integrity, and responsibility with its clients.

 We focus on all dimensions of the company and individuals inside and outside the country, demanding logistic solutions to manage any type of product should be, is an advanced multi-modal logistics and procurement services company, our official with over 10 years experience in international trade and logistics enterprises; It specializes in providing complete circuit solutions for Supply Management on the network, air and ocean freight services through our Mac and interest IISP certificates to/from anywhere in the world, special cargo projects and focus on providing the best procurement of services in all areas, both domestic and international.

pipelining JSF Logistics B.V

Pipeline connectivity services

JSF Logistics B.V and its partners operate three separate pipelines for crude oil and one for oil products in Rotterdam.1. A 42″, 168-km long crude oil pipeline linking the Nord Sea port of Rotterdam with the Nord Sea port of Rotterdam. Three booster stations pump the crude oil at a maximum capacity of 30 million tons per annum. Two additional booster stations pump the crude oil in the opposite direction, namely from the Rotterdam to the Nord Sea, at a maximum capacity of 30 million tons per annum.


Oil Spill Cleaning Services

he safest and most cost-effective remediation service for the cleanup of oil spills. JSF Logistics B.V  removes all traces of oil fast with a 100% all-natural formula. Our environmental oil cleanup service uses a green method. It leaves behind only CO2 and water. Effective in the removal of all oils including motor oil, synthetic, non-synthetic, and hydraulic oil.

Watch as our all-natural formula breaks down motor oil before your eyes. This video shows how JSF Logistics B.Vremoves used engine oil from a driveway. All that remains is CO2 and water. Safe and effective on a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, tile, dirt, and more. (View time: 1.25 min)

Oil Spill JSF Logistics B.V