Corporate Governance

Our activities are not only economically relevant for our companies, they also have ecological and social effects. Therefore, for us, responsible corporate governance means ensuring our company’s future viability and strong reputation by pursuing a “beyond-compliance” approach and integrating the expectations of our stakeholders into our business activities.

We are aware of the potential impact of our business activities on people and the environment, and therefore try to integrate the principle of sustainable development in all our activities and to promote the welfare of our employees, the environment, and the surrounding communities. Our sustainability management focuses on Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE), and is therefore based on the activities coordinated by the Group Function HSSE. All of the larger JSF Logistics B.V companies have a designated local HSSE manager to supervise all HSSE-related topics and questions. A separate Team Sustainability within the Group Function HSSE pools all related activities and further develops them in close coordination with the operating units and the local HSSE managers. Sustainability issues are reported directly to the CEO via the Head of the Group Function HSSE.

Our Team

Labour Standard

Compliance with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) is laid down in our binding Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we determine here that salaries shall be regulated based solely on qualifications, performance, and other work-related factors such as responsibility, skill, and experience. Factors such as gender, age, race, religion, marital status, or disability have no influence on salaries. In addition to the competitive base salary, we voluntarily offer comprehensive supplementary benefits, and in most countries in which we operate, we offer a voluntary, additional employer-financed company pension.

Equal Opportunity

We see diversity as a key to success, both in our lines of business and among our employees. We aim to further increase diversity within our company by employing both male and female employees from many different cultures.

Employees from 84 nations work for us around the world. All employees can anonymously report cases of discrimination, harassment or other violations of the Code of Conduct to the central Code of Conduct Team and via the at any time.

Health and Safety

Preventive medical care

With regard to medical care, most employees based in Germany are entitled to a free preventive medical check-up every two to three years. Our worldwide sites are encouraged to develop comparable programs locally.

Fire Protection

Past incidents in our industry have shown that technical measures, organizational processes, and rules are not always sufficient to prevent fires. That is why it is very important to us to increase our staff’s risk awareness and to ensure a quick response to emergency situations by performing regular drills.

JSF Logistics B.V has prepared a mandatory Fire Protection Standard consisting of company-wide minimum requirements that often go beyond legal requirements.

Risk Assessment

Due to the variety of activities within the group of companies, it is important to evaluate all risks individually. Based on this analysis we implement tailor-made measures and establish tailor-made standards and work instructions. To learn from accidents, our engagement goes beyond purely statistical evaluations. Accidents are analyzed in detail to identify the company-wide potential for improvement. In addition, our proactive approach is supported by promotion campaigns that are designed to increase risk awareness in the workaday routine.

We continuously improve the contractors’ HSSE standards. For this purpose, a manual on contractor safety was developed e.g. at JSF Logistics B.V. A web-based database assists the sites in selecting contractors based on predefined criteria.